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Something whiskey this way comes

Frenetic and fun, the Tim Malloys fuse traditional Irish music with a raucous Minneapolis sound that’s equal parts pub and punk. They’re a cornerstone of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Celtic crossover scene, releasing five albums since their 1994 inception and playing hundreds of shows in the Midwest from pubs to festivals.

Mashing up influences ranging from The Pogues to The Suburbs, from Flogging Molly to Tom Waits, the Tim Malloys’ sound is a fever dream of acoustic-on-fire guitars, manic grooves, and rowdy callbacks. But don’t just come for the bloody Irish music. Tim Malloys shows are legendary (or infamous, depending on who you ask) for good craic, lightspeed stage banter, and toasts to make you laugh or cry...or both. Enter at your own risk: here be dragons, drunkards, bastards, and blackguards.

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A little punk, a little rock, a lot of rebellion (who says you have to be Irish to sing “God Save Ireland?”), the Tim Malloys are a rollicking good time. Go ahead, sing along—everyone else does.”

— Secrets of the City, www.secretsofthecity.com
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